About us

The Social Media industry has been growing by leaps and bounds and we have been an active part of this whole revolution in India. We have been helping some of the top notch brands to develop a long lasting relationship with their customers on social media. It all started with just two people and today we have a strong team of dedicated and focused individuals who have helped us establish a strong reputation in the market.

“We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media; the question is how well we do it.”

– Eric Qualman

On Social media zillions of conversations are happening every day. There is a good chance that people are already talking about your brand. Whether you are a small business that wants to become a brand or you are big brand that wants to become strong, social media gives your brand the opportunity to go out there and talk to your potential customers.

We are the Missing Link that connects you to your customers. So come, let’s get social!