Research, Monitoring and Insight Tracking

We research through custom analysis of existing data as well as analytic tools to understand your data and our client teams keep a tab on the latest digital trends and industry insight within your sector, helping to continually evolve your digital strategy.

We shall work together to determine the KPI’s and review. We shall also benchmark applications against these to help determine effectiveness and return on investment.


Our research services include:

  • Trend Analysis
  • Competitor Bench-marking
  • User Research
  • Data Segmentation & Reporting



First we locate where your customers are talking about you online. Then we implement a solution to monitor this solution, whether that be in the blogosphere, twitter, facebook or forums. Each measuring and tracking solution is different, based on where your customers are and what is the best way to gauge the conversation.

Get in touch with us and we shall develop a plan to start monitoring and reporting the conversation about your brand to you.