What is Pinterest? Quick Overview

Pinterest??? What is it? How do we use it? How can it be a powerful online marketing tool for social media junkies, brands and marketers? Well…relax simply put it quite resembles to the pinboards in our offices, only difference is its more interesting or rather pinteresting. Pinterest’s idea is to connect everyone in the world […]

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What is Social Media?

What is Social Media? Is it a phrase that is tossed around these days or is it the future of communication or a platform that increase and enhance the sharing of information?   A presentation by Missing Link about how social media is changing the face of media, marketing and advertising .   What is […]

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How not to be a despicable facebook page

When it comes to connecting with your audience on social platform, first name that pops on your mind is FACEBOOK. Lately, brands have been spending a very large sum of amount on Social Media these days. Thus making fan pages a very vital part of all the marketing plans.   For brands, Facebook fan page provide an exceptional opportunity in […]

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